Outdoor Kitchen Countertops You Need

Marble Outdoor Kitchen Counter

Stone countertops are sure to enhance the look and feel of your home on the inside, but they can do the same for your patio and outdoor areas, too.

There are a variety of outdoor kitchen countertop options to choose from for your home in King of Prussia, Blue Bell, Wayne, and West Chester. To help you narrow down your choices, Villa Marble & Granite is here with a few of the best outdoor kitchen countertops you need for your home.


As far as stone outdoor kitchen countertops, granite is one of the most durable options homeowners have. It can withstand the elements, from extreme heat to frigid winters, and it’s hard enough to resist scratching and chipping when properly maintained.

There are also an array of color and design options available for granite, and it won’t etch, discolor, or become dull as easily as other outdoor kitchen countertop materials.

Best of all, it’s easy to maintain. With annual sealings and regular cleanings, your granite countertops can uphold their outstanding condition and durability longer.


Quartzite is another durable option for your outdoor kitchen countertops. Like granite, it can handle severe wear and tear from the elements, as well as stains and etching. Also, maintenance is a breeze with this material. All you have to do is make sure it’s sealed annually and cleaned well after each use, and it should last for years to come.

One of the best things about quartzite outdoor kitchen countertops is the overall design. Ideal for those who want to add a bit of elegance to their outdoor area, this material typically looks like marble, thanks to its white base and intricate veining.

However, quartzite can also come in many colors, so you’ll be able to find something that matches your preferred design aesthetic.


While it is white, marble can be a fantastic addition to any outdoor kitchen. As a natural stone, it provides the durability you need when you’re outside. When professionally sealed each year, it can withstand stains, etching, and other forms of moderate damage.

Also, the rain can help wash away any stains that do stick around and will help create a more rustic look for your outdoor kitchen.

If you do choose marble, you’ll want to select the right finish. Typically, shinier finishes may not last as long, as the elements can strip down that layer of shine. With a honed finish, however, your countertops will be able to stay looking like-new for longer.

Choosing the Best Countertop for Your Outdoor Kitchen

There are many outdoor kitchen countertop materials in the area, and Villa Marble & Granite is here to help you decide which is best for you.

We’ll give you a closer look at each option in our selection to help you decide which is best for your outdoor kitchen. Our team will also install your new countertops in as little as three to five days! That way, you can quickly get outside and start enjoying the weather—and your brand-new countertops.

Whether you’re interested in granite, marble, or quartzite, our team can work with you to find the perfect option for your home in Philadelphia, Ambler, Plymouth Meeting, and Phoenixville. For more information about our available countertop materials or quick turnaround time, contact Villa Marble & Granite today!

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