How to Choose Your Countertop Color

If you’re interested in upgrading your countertops, you won’t just need to decide which type you want; you also want to consider your color options. Whether you choose granite or quartzite, all kitchen countertop options are available in many colors.

To find out which is best for you and your home in King of Prussia, Blue Bell, Wayne, and West Chester, here’s how you can choose your countertop color for your kitchen.

Think about Your Kitchen’s Overall Design

To choose the right color for your countertops, the first thing you need to think about is the overall design of your kitchen. For example, if the space includes darker cabinets and stainless-steel appliances, choosing a lighter color granite or marble can help brighten things up.

If your kitchen’s overall look leans more on the neutral side, choosing something like a rose-pink granite can provide the pop of color you need. Plus, countertops with intricate veining and designs can add a unique dimension of style to more basic kitchen designs.

Think about the Timelessness of Your Kitchen Design

Timelessness can be a huge factor for many when choosing countertops. Not only will these classic and popular countertops boost the value of your home but they’ll also keep your kitchen looking beautiful and elegant for as long as possible.

So, before you commit to a color, consider the timelessness of the design. Big, bold colors and patterns may be in trend now, but it may not be in the future. To get a long-lasting, sophisticated look for your kitchen, it’s best to go with neutral, natural stone colors. You also can’t go wrong with marble. With a white base, it can go with all types of designs, too.

Think about the Countertop Finish

Scratches, etchings, and stains can happen on countertops, but the right color and finish can mask any imperfections and keep things looking like-new. If you’re worried about etching and scratches, choose lighter colored countertops with honed finishes.

If you want to conceal stains, dark colors are the way to go. Also, polished and leathered finishes can help to prevent staining and can be ideal options for many busy kitchens when paired with the right colors.

Select Your Ideal Kitchen Countertop

Countertops come in many color options. If you want to choose the one that’s right for your kitchen in Philadelphia, Ambler, Phoenixville, and Plymouth Meeting, keep the tips in this guide in mind and contact the team at Villa Marble & Granite.

Whether you’re searching for a pop of color or something more neutral, we’re sure to have something for every kitchen remodel. On top of that, we can get your countertops installed in as little as three to five business days, depending on the size of the project.

No matter what type and color countertops you’re looking for, our team will be here to help you find the one that fits perfectly into your kitchen. If you’re ready for your new countertops, contact us or ask for a quote today!

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